We cater for all your cat’s and dog’s needs and specialize in larger (more economical) sized food bags. Whether you are looking for a budget mix or a top of the range feed we have it. We also have an extensive selection of treats and supplementary foods.

In addition to feeds we carry a full range of medications, flea and tick treatments, wormers and shampoos.

In our accessories section you will find the right lead and collar for your animal as well as toys and grooming gear.



We specialize in complete cat and dog foods in economical large sizes. Our range covers standard complete feeds to premium brands.

In addition to complete feeds we offer an extensive range of packed meats (kangaroo, beef, chicken), plain and smoked bones, biscuits, pigs ears and treats.


All our dog foods are complete feeds and constitute a balanced diet for your animal, however, your pet deserves a treat from time to time too. While treats should not make up a significant part of your dog’s diet they can be useful in promoting healthy teeth and gums, as a training aid (eg. liver treats) and a source of entertainment, especially when combined with Kongs.

Our speciality are our 100% Australian Pig’s Ears which are sold indiviually or in bags. We are the cheapest around so check out our prices.


We stock an extensive range of dog and cat accessories covering leads, feed bowls, door flaps, water dispensers, scratch poles, beds and cushions. For the winter we stock Weatherbeeta dog coats.

Remember, before buying accessories for your pet we recommend weighing the animal and if buying a lead measure around the neck so that at least two fingers can comfortably slide beneath the measure.

Exchange Policy

If you do get the size wrong when you get home we have a no questions exchange policy so just bring the item back in clean condition and we’ll swap it for the right size. We stock Hideaway dog beds and cushions and carry spare bed covers which are very easy to replace.

For more information, please call us on (07) 3881 1711 or visit us at Unit 2 / 124 South Pine Road, Brendale QLD 4500.