We specialise in 'point of lay' chooks and also offer day old chicks for sale. If you are new to keeping chooks we'll help you get started! We supply a wide range of feeds to cover all stages of your flock's devlopment. We also supply feeders, waterers and care products.
We primarily stock commercial layers (Lohmann Browns), Australorp and Leghorn hybrids but we often have few different breeds for variety. Birds are sexed, wormed and inoculated unless advised otherwise.

Return Policy - Although the sexing of point-of-lay chickens is very clear we may still see the odd rooster slipping through, especially in the bantam breeds. For day old chicks, the use of vent sexing can only be accurate in the range of 85-95% so the probability of raising a rooster from young birds is increased. In both cases we will take back the rooster and refund the full cost price.

Pre-Purchase Policy - Due to the large number of chickens being held for customers and not collected as well as pre-purchased being left uncollected for long periods of time we regret that we will no longer hold chickens for customers beyond one day and will not accept payment prior to collection.

Guidelines - Caring for Day Old Chicks (Brooding) - By purchasing a baby chick you are taking on the responsibity for a yound animal's welfare. Please read our guidelines for caring for chicks below.

Brooding Guidelines

Sick Chickens Policy - We strive to ensure that all our chickens are in perfect health when they leave the shop and all our commercial layers are vaccinated for the main diseases. Unlike humans, when Chickens do get sick they tend to go downhill very quickly so do seek advice as soon as possible. For this same reason, we cannot accept responsibility for sick chickens unless they are reported to us within 48 hours of leaving the shop.

Should you require vetenary assistance, it is worth remembering that not all small animal vets have avian experience. In our area we recommend contacting the Brisbane Bird Vet clinic in Chermside:

Brisbane Bird Vet  ( brisbanebirdvet.com.au )

248 Hamilton Road, Chermside

Tel (07) 3359 2233


Chicks for Sale

We are now incubating and hatching eggs in the shop!

We'll be selling Lohmann Browns chicks for $7.50. The little chicks are coloured sexed at birth with a 90% accuracy, but will not be vaccinated. We have a return policy should you pick up a female chick and it becomes a rooster. 

You can still order in breed and gender specific, vaccinated chicks from us. Chicks from the commercial range are generally $10.00, while heritage breeds vary depending on our supply price.

Ask our staff for more details!



We have 5kg Treadle Trough Poultry Feeders for $75.00.

Auto feeders stop rodents and wild birds
getting at the feed and they make it difficult for the chooks to scatter grain out of the feeder, therefore saving money.







Layer Mash

Barastoc Darling Downs
Barastoc Top Layer Mash
Jenco 16% Coarse Layer
Jenco 17% Sorghum Free Mash
Jenco 18% Fine Layer Mash
Mi-Feed Layer Mash
QPD (Red Bag) Mash
Laucke Mills Red Hen Layer (Sorghum Free Mash)
Laucke Mills Showbird Breeder MP
Laucke Mills Gamebird Maintenance MP
Grains / Scratch Mixes
Barastoc Poultry Grain Mix
Mi-Feed Scratch Mix
Avigrain Poultry All-Grain
Organic Layer Mash Country Heritage Backyard Layer Mash
Country Heritage Coarse Layer Mash
Country Heritage Lay Pellets Backyard
Layer Pellets

Barastoc Golden Yolk
Ben Furney Purastoc Free Range Layer Pellets

Pullet Starter

Vella Stock Feeds -Pullet Starter (Medicated*)

Pullet Grower Vella Stock Feeds - Pullet Grower (Medicated*)
Turkey/ Meat Chicken Starter Barastoc Turkey Starter (Medicated*)
* Do not feed to adult / laying hens If in doubt dispose of eggs (do not eat)
Turkey/ Meat Chicken Grower Barastoc Turkey Grower (Medicated*)
* Do not feed to adult / laying hens If in doubt dispose of eggs (do not eat)


(Quail, Guinea Fowl etc.)

Laucke Mills Gamebird Starter (Not Medicated*)
Laucke Mills Gamebird Maintenance (Micropellet)

Supplementary Feed

Black Sunflower Seeds (per Kg) 
Full Fat Soya Bean Meal (per Kg)
Cracked Corn (per Kg)


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Coop Designs

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For more information, please call us on (07) 388 11711 or visit us at Unit 2 / 124 South Pine Road, Brendale QLD 4500.